Ciara can help you

  • With a range of short-term needs where you lack the capacity or in-house skills to deliver

  • Provide a useful external perspective, bringing new ideas, energy and insight to your problem or initiative

  • Deliver to tight timescales and always with a very high professional standard on time and to budget

Ciara has a range of skills and expertise to support you and your organisation.  Her consultancy services provide a range of support and expertise in the following areas:​



Organisational change initiatives  

Providing advice on changes that can be made to organisational change and team dynamics, including culture change programmes; developing and embedding organisational values; talent development initiatives and staffing reviews.


Business models and options appraisals

Using her experience of leading the ‘spin out’ of Libraries Unlimited from the local authority, Ciara can help you by advising, researching and helping to guide consideration of new models of delivery. 


Strategy development

Supporting you to consider the medium and long-term strategy for your business or organisation.


Stakeholder engagement 

Providing support and expertise in engaging with large and complex groups of stakeholders and ensuring they are informed and engaged appropriately in your change initiative.


Automation and technology

Providing non-technical support for you to assess the potential of technology and automation as one component of wider transformation and change.

Are you having to make radical changes to the way your organisation operates?  Are you worried about how those changes will affect your staff members?  Do you feel isolated as a CEO and need a confidential space to talk through your concerns and develop an action plan to take you and your organisation forward? 


Ciara’s Trusted Advisor service is designed to deliver maximum change for minimum cost, working closely alongside CEOs and/or Boards. This is achieved by having Ciara work with you to explore and develop the right change programme for your organisation and deliver it through empowering and enabling the people and resources already within your organisation.

  • Gain the knowledge you need about business models and organisational structures


  • Gain the confidence to take concrete steps in leading your organisation through this huge period of change


  • Understand how best to support your team through a time of uncertainty


  • Test and develop your ideas and strategic plans in a confidential space

Ciara can 

help you

The Trusted Advisor service can be combined with coaching support for you as CEO. As you take the organisation through a time of uncertainty and change, Ciara can provide a complementary programme of coaching to help ensure your resilience and focus.

Trusted advisor

Are you planning to deliver some big and potentially difficult change for your organisation to cope in the current climate? Or have you just lost a key senior member of your team and need some urgent interim cover?


If your organisation needs strong and powerful leadership, Ciara can join your team for a defined period of time in order to: (1) deliver change, (2) be your interim CEO or business leader, or (3) deliver a combination of the two.  Ciara brings her successful track record as a CEO and senior leader, along with her ability to inspire and lead large teams through transformation and change.

Ciara can 

help you

Interim leader

  • Provide stability within your organisation and leadership for your teams


  • Provide strategic leadership at a time of change and uncertainty


  • Deliver required change for the organisation as an interim leader


  • Work with boards and other Directors to develop medium and long-term strategic plans

Do you have an important initiative you don’t have sufficient capacity in-house to deliver to a high standard?  Is there an impending deadline for an important piece of work and you need some extra help?  Do you need to get a new initiative off the ground and need someone with the energy and experience to get it kickstarted?







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Ciara Eastell Consulting | Providing consultancy, coaching, leadership and facilitation services

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